We open wide opportunities for students who have a strong interest and desire for internships and internships in Japan. There are options of Internship as Caregiver Programs for nursing students. For those of you who are studying at the Japanese literature faculty, you can join the Internship Program as a Minimarket Assistant in the largest minimarket network in Japan. Students who already have a JLPT Level N4 Language Certificate can go to Japan for the Ginojishu (Technical Intern Trainee) and Tokuteigino (Specified Skill Worker) programs in 3 fields, including; Nursing for the Elderly, Plantation & Animal Husbandry, and Food Processing.

You will be provided with an engineering visa to work in Japan with a work contract of 3 to 5 years. For those of you who already have a JLPT Level N4 Language Certificate and have experience working / interning in Japan, you can work as a Professional Worker in various fields including being placed in special professional fields, such as the Information Technology and Chemical Industry.

Want to study in Japan? Before starting your education at a university of your choice in Japan you can take the Japanese Language School program at a language training institute in Japan. Guaranteed your Japanese language skills will be outstanding. Please choose the Hihongo Gakkou Program to achieve your goals. Best of all you can work part time while studying Japanese.\r\nAfter passing this program you can study at your dream university as Ryugakusei (International Student).

A career in marine and fisheries in Japan presents very interesting work challenges and compensation. For those of you who are currently studying at SMK Marine and Fisheries are the right candidates to take part in this field through our two programs namely the Maruship Program (especially for those of you who have experienced internships on Japanese fishing vessels) and the CIS Maruship Training (MT-CIS) Program (for you fresh graduate from Vocational School of Marine and Fisheries).

We provide this service to CIS partner Vocational High School students in the field of Marine and Fisheries in the context of carrying out one of their obligations namely undergoing the PKL Program for 3 months on CIS Indonesia partner fishing vessels which are scattered in various Indonesian sea ports.

Interested in joining the Gino Jisshu Program or the Tokutei Gino Program? Make sure you have the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) Level N4 Certification. For those of you who don't have it you must take this JLPT Level N4 Course and you will be trained by Sensei who are special experts in this field.

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